All Projects

Custom Static Websites

GoldWalk Grooming, Wellness & Training Academy

A website for a pet groomers and training centre.

Walsworth Barbershop

A website for a barbershop.

Anya Bellinger

A website for a chiropractor.

Sunrise Holistic Therapies

A website for a massage therapist.

Michael Newman Coaching

A website for a personal trainer.

Diamond Beauty Training Academy

A website for a beauty training college and salon.

Gail Driving

A website for a driving instructor.

Tracer Finance

A website for a vehicle finance specialist.

Zenshin Shotokan Karate Federation

A website for a karate dojo.

The Dressing Room Hair & Makeup

A website for a hair and makeup salon.

Online Stores

Safi Laila

An online store selling beauty and cosmetic products.

University Projects

JavaScript Paint

A simple painting application for one of my first year Uni assignments.


A fictional space transport management system for one of my second year Uni assignments.

PHP CodeIgniter MVC BEAM

A fictional festival management system for one of my second year Uni assignments.

Counting Game

A children's counting game for one of my final year Uni assignments.

Personal Projects

JS URL Shortener

A simple URL shortener written in JavaScript.

JS Text Editor

A simple text editor written in JavaScript with the ability to save and open text files.

JS Countdown

A little countdown widget that counts down to a specific date in days, hours, minutes and seconds.

HTML Suspended Page

A simple page to put on a client's website who is avoiding paying you for it (sigh).

JS Rock Paper Scissors

A simple Rock Paper Scissors game written in JavaScript.

JS Toggle Dark Mode

A smart JavaScript application that automatically inherits the user's prefers-color-scheme, but allows it to be overridden by the user and stored in the user's browser storage to enable site-wide preference and future visits.

JS What's my Screen Resolution

A super simple JavaScript application that tells you the screen resolution of your device.

JS What's my IP

A JavaScript application that implements the IP Info API to look up your IP address and return a few other details including hostname, ISP and location info.

SVG Animated 404 Ghost

A cute animated ghost made to celebrate halloween and perfect for 404 pages.

My personal GitHub website auto-generated with JavaScript using the GitHub API.

JS Calculator

A little calculator with addition, subtraction, multiplication and division as well as clear and undo features.

JS Weather

An application that implements the OpenWeatherMap API to display the current temperature (centigrade or fahrenheit) and weather from the user's current location or a location they specify.

JS Unit Converter

An application to convert between different units of measurement including length, weight, speed, temperature and digital storage (more coming soon).

JS Password Generator

A password generator application written in JavaScript with the option of 8-128 character passwords consisting of letters (lowercase and uppercase), numbers and symbols.

JS Music Player

A music player written in JavaScript with play/pause, current/total track time, moving seek bar, mute and volume controls.

JS Cookie Banner

A simple cookie banner implementation, saving the user's consent in the browser storage to prevent the banner showing on every page load.

JS Counter

A simple counter application, saving the current count in the user's browser storage to prevent loss on page refresh.

JS Notes

A simple notes application, saving notes in the user's browser storage to prevent loss on page refresh.

Python Rock Paper Scissors

A CLI-based Rock Paper Scissors game written in Python.

Python Password Generator

A customisable CLI-based password generator written in Python.

Python 0s and Xs

A CLI-based Noughts and Crosses (Tic-tac-toe) game written in Python.

Python To-do List

A simple CLI-based to-do list application written in Python.

Python Magic 8 Ball

A fun future-telling* CLI-based Magic 8 Ball program written in Python (* witchcraft not included).

Python Banking

A fictional ATM-style CLI-based banking application written in Python (demo PIN is 1234).

Python Vending Machine

A fictional CLI-based vending machine program written in Python.

Python Calculator

A super simple CLI-based calculator written in Python.