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Custom Static Websites

GoldWalk Grooming & Wellness

A website for a dog grooming and wellness specialist.

Walsworth Barbershop

A website for a barbershop.

Anya Bellinger

A website for a chiropractor.

Sunrise Holistic Therapies

A website for a massage therapist.

Michael Newman Coaching

A website for a personal trainer.

Diamond Beauty Training Academy

A website for a beauty training college and salon.

Gail Driving

A website for a driving instructor.

Tracer Finance

A website for a vehicle finance specialist.

Zenshin Shotokan Karate Federation

A website for a karate dojo.

The Dressing Room Hair & Makeup

A website for a hair and makeup salon.

Online Stores

Safi Laila

An online store selling beauty and cosmetic products.

University Projects

JavaScript Paint

A simple painting application for one of my first year Uni assignments.


A fictional space transport management system for one of my second year Uni assignments.

PHP CodeIgniter MVC BEAM

A fictional festival management system for one of my second year Uni assignments.

Counting Game

A children's counting game for one of my final year Uni assignments.

Personal Projects

Password Generator

A password generator application written in JavaScript with the option of 8-128 character passwords consisting of letters (lowercase and uppercase), numbers and symbols.

Music Player

A music player written in JavaScript with play/pause, current/total track time, moving seek bar, mute and volume controls.

Cookie Banner

A simple cookie banner implementation, saving the user's consent in the browser storage to prevent the banner showing on every page load.

Counter App

A simple counter application, saving the current count in the user's browser storage to prevent loss on page refresh.

Notes App

A simple notes application, saving notes in the user's browser storage to prevent loss on page refresh.

URL Shortener

A custom URL shortener application, allowing long links to be shortened with custom aliases and tracked clicks.

Rock Paper Scissors

A CLI-based Rock Paper Scissors game written in Python.

Password Generator

A customisable CLI-based password generator written in Python.

0s and Xs

A CLI-based Noughts and Crosses (Tic-tac-toe) game written in Python.

To-do List

A simple CLI-based to-do list application written in Python.

Magic 8 Ball

A fun future-telling* CLI-based Magic 8 Ball program written in Python (* witchcraft not included).


A fictional ATM-style CLI-based banking application written in Python (demo PIN is 1234).

Vending Machine

A fictional CLI-based vending machine program written in Python.


A super simple CLI-based calculator written in Python.

Other projects available on request*...

* Subject to non-disclosure.

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